The Spa is open every day from 15h to 21h. The hotel offers 40 minutes of Spa (jacuzzi & sauna) free of charge for every reservation at the hotel.
In case you would like to enjoy more time in the Spa, the price is 15 € per room for each extra 40 minutes.

It is important to comply with these requirements for the use of the Spa:

– It is compulsory to shower before using the Spa.
– Please do not touch the jacuzzi settings.
– The use of swimming costume and cap is compulsory.
– Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
– Children in nappies are not allowed in the jacuzzi.
– Remember not to leave towels or bathrobes in the Spa area.
– Leave the spa as you would like to find it.

All rooms are equipped with

Large bed
Individual bathroom
Air conditioning
No smoking
Optional beverages
Spacious lounge

A comfortable place to plan and meet, you have a large and comfortable space.

Meeting table for up to 12 people.


Complement your stay by enjoying a glass of wine or cava in your room.

Or if you prefer to go to the winery, you can start with a wine tasting.