Spacious apartment

The Abode of Don Quixote

“In the vast plains of imagination, Don Quixote rides bravely among windmills that challenge his sanity, while Sancho Panza follows him loyally, amidst laughter and reflections that weave the eternal struggle between dream and reality.

This timeless tale teaches us that the real adventure lies not in epic feats, but in the courage to face our own inner giants, thus discovering the essence of our own humanity”.

Well equipped


The appartment is equipped with a double room and another room with a small bed. The living room has a sofa that transforms into a double bed, it has a bathroom inside the living room and another one in the corridor.

The fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, oven and microwave oven.

The room is equipped with

Views of the mill
2 Bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Air conditioning
No smoking

Other rooms